Thursday, December 20, 2012

How To Setup Outlook In A Blackberry Device

People that have used the Outlook email program once will be reluctant to part with this amazing program developed by the tech giant, Microsoft. This program allows a user to send and receive emails from any device. Same is the case with the BlackBerry phones too; there are people that prefer using a BlackBerry device rather that going for other devices currently available in the tech souk right now. The Outlook email setup can be done in the Blackberry devices with the aid of the PDA feature programmed in these devices. The PDA feature will allows a user to synchronize the Microsoft Outlook with their blackberry device. Enabling this feature will let people access emails from the blackberry device. Facilitating this feature on to your mobile device will also allow you to both send and receive emails.tag along the following instructions to successfully establish the Outlook email setup in your blackberry device.
Configure Outlook with BlackBerry
Trigger the "Menu" that lies to the left or right side of your BlackBerry device.
Go to the "Settings" button among the enlisted options and click on it to open.
Go to the "Manage Internet E-mail" button and click on it to open it up.
Go to the "Email Accounts" selection.
In the email accounts window, go to the "Add an Email Account" button and select it.
Now enter your current Outlook email address.
In the password entry box. Enter your Outlook account credentials to get in to your mail account.
Track along by engaging the "Next" tab and specify your account.
Navigate to the "Outlook Web Access URL" menu and type in the address of the particular website to access your Outlook account after getting the website address from your mail service provider.
Now go to the "Account Name" and type in your Outlook email address.
Now roll down to the "Use SSL" button to tick on the check box if your Outlook account is using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.
Spool down to the "Next" tab and hang around until the blackberry wizard popes up with a confirmation message.
Trigger the "Ok" tab to wind up the Outlook email setup.
Blackberry devices are preferred by the corporate users more than anyone else as this gadget offers much more to this section of the population. Moreover, the outlook Express is also used by corporate heads for official communications.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Resolving USB drive problems in Windows Vista

USB, Universal Serial Bus, is the standard in data transfer and connections. Before USB, bus connections were made by using the parallel or serial connectors. After the invention of the USB, by a group of 7 companies including Microsoft, Intel and IBM, the other connections lost importance. Now USB type connections are used in almost all types of electronic devices.
There are different types of storage devices and, USB drives or flash drives are one among them that utilizes USB connection for communication with the computer. All the platforms after Windows Me utilize USB connections and have support for it. Windows Vista also supports USB drives and has internal drivers. Microsoft tech support websites have a list of the USB devices and drives that are supported by Windows Vista.
Like every devices used in computers, USB storage devices also face issues in Windows Vista. Some problems are caused due to the problems with the hardware whereas others are caused due to the driver issues or issues with the Windows Vista platform. Some of the commonly faced problems with USB drives in Windows Vista and their solutions are given here.

Connection Problems
Some USB drives face issues when connecting to the platform. Some devices are not connected and installed by the Windows Vista platform. This happens in most cases due to the absence of proper compatible drivers or due to malfunctioning of the USB port. In the case of driver problems, connect your computer to internet and then connect the device. Windows Vista will install the device by downloading latest compatible drivers from the internet. In most cases this will solve the problem.
If Windows Vista is not recognizing the device, there must be a problem with the USB port. Change the port and try connecting the USB drive. If it’s working fine, it means the problem is with the USB port. If it’s a glitch, reconnecting in the same port will solve the problem. If it’s not working replacing the USB port will be a good idea.

Hardware problems
In most cases, the problem with USB drives in Windows Vista is due to the problems with the USB drive hardware. USB drives are so fragile and get easily damaged. If the device is not recognized by the Windows Vista platform, the drive might be damaged or the USB connector might be damaged. This problem can be solved by repairing the device.
In case of any platform issues or boot issues due to USB drive, contact Microsoft tech support to solve the issue.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Help to upgrade Office 2007

Microsoft Office suite of programs comprises of many programs like, MS Excel, MS Word, Publisher, etc. Every version of Microsoft Windows operating system comes with suitable version of MS Office suite. The current MS Office suite version released is Microsoft Office Suite 2010 for Windows operating system and MS Office suite 2011 for Mac OS.  It is rumored that Office 2013 would be released by December 2012.
Some Office 2007 suites don’t come equipped with some component programs. If a program does not come pre-installed with your Office 2007 system, you may need to upgrade. Office, Home and Student users who want to use Outlook 2007 must upgrade to another MS Office 2007 suite or separately purchase Outlook 2007. All helpful information on upgradeable Office 2007 suites is provided by Microsoft Office Online.
Microsoft help instructions on upgrading Office 2007
In order to see upgrade options for your Office 2007 system, Visit the "2007 Microsoft Office system pricing and upgrade information" page.
Under the "2007 Office suites" section, Read the information pertaining to your Office 2007 systemand thenby clicking on the suite link under the "2007 Office Suites" column, choose an Office 2007 suite that you would like to upgrade to.You will be redirected to another page where you can purchase the upgraded Office 2007 suite.
On the far right-hand corner of the page you can see “Ready to buy” link located, click on it. Click on the "Buy and download" link and thento purchase the Office 2007 suite, just follow the prompts. At checkout select the optional "Digital back-up" service and license key If you like to re-download your Office 2007 suite in the event of a PC crash.
Wait until you receive an e-mail from Microsoft with all necessary details on how to upgrade your Office 2007 suite. From your Microsoft e-mail message, Click on the download link provided and then by double-clicking on the downloaded file and following the prompts, install the new software.
That’s all what the Microsoft help team instructs you to do in order to upgrade Office 2007. If you have any further doubts or clarifications, contact tech support team. Thank you for your time, take care and have a great day ahead! Adios! Thank you folks!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tips to avoid firewall on your Windows ME

Microsoft launched a special edition of operating system on millennium; they called it Windows ME. This version of Windows stands in between Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Unlike Windows 2000 and XP, Windows ME doesn’t come with a Windows Firewall in it. This lead to the emergence of third party companies who developed various type of Firewall that suits Windows ME. Unfortunately none of them proved good. If you are in need of a hand to remove the existing firewall and to install new Firewall on to your system, then go for these instructions crafted by Microsoft tech support centers. Go through these steps and get away from your current Firewall.
Guidelines to run away from your current Firewall…
Go to the “Start” button lying on the bottom left corner of the taskbar in your Windows ME desktop and click on it to open.
When you click on the “Start” button a menu will roll up with the tabs of many programs, among them look for a tab named as “Control Panel”. Clicking on it with your mouse will lead to the control panel Window which has the settings tab of all the programs in your Windows ME enabled computer.
Search for a name like “Add or Remove Programs” in the entire Control Panel Window, normally this tab can be found on top of all the available options. Clicking on the “Add or Remove Program” twice will open a new window with the details of all the programs installed on your Windows ME enabled machine.
Now hunt for a tab named like “Firewall” or “Firewalls” in add or remove Window. Clicking on it once will open up that tab. As these firewalls are provided by third party companies all these firewalls will be coming with a brand name; for example McAfee firewall, Norton etc. locate such a one and open it.
The new page that crops up will be showing two tabs named as “Remove” or “Uninstall”. Click on it to initiate the removal of the firewall from your computer. Later follow it by clicking on the” Ok” button when prompted by the installation Wizard. Now keep on hitting in the “Next” button until the un-installation process completes.
These steps should be sufficient to remove the existing firewall on your system. But if you find it difficult go for help from Microsoft tech support team.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Support Omni Tech

All you need to understand the online technical support companies

On-line tech support like a service is not really a new concept these days as most of the public are picking it to keep their PCs jogging flawlessly along with smoothly. Prospects across the globe right now feel loads of difficulty when choosing the right organization that can deliver the services based on the requirement. Any technological development in the website of Web led to this mushrooming of appropriate service providers that will make it difficult for PC buyers to choose the appropriate company.

In this posting we have laid out the essentials from the service that will certainly verify helpful in deciding on the best agency to your appropriate services.

What really is a tech support firm?

An online tech support company is one that is dedicated to provide answer of program problems that you could possibly encounter with all your PC or laptop. Why these companies extremely favorable is business model. Some people deliver the need to the customers with highly inexpensive as compared to the onsite service. The next attractive matter about the services is its 24x7 operation to allow you to thrust them into the action whenever of the day along with night.

Picking the best provider for these services?

Quality regarding support

in the current scenario a loaded with businesses that offer this kind of services for you to global buyers. Since this service is related to the protection of your program thus delivering access of the same to an unauthentic bureau could figure to compromising together with the data in addition to software. Thereby always evaluate the following components before choosing the ideal online tech support company.

What is important to consider while choosing a company is the quality sent by the professional. The qualities best adjudged by the quality rate with less regard to the issues. Less than usual instances higher res refer to better quality of service. Sector considers 95%+ customer satisfaction rating a great standard to evaluate the quality.

Selling price

the next crucial thing you need to ponder upon is definitely the price that you are charged instead of the provider. For a small or medium-sized home business ROI (return) plays a vital role in the total business operations. You need to be advisable and choose only those service providers which offer a nicely balanced combination of high quality and spending budget.

Turnaround period (TAT)

with active organization operation there is nothing more special than moment. To remain expert against your competitors you need to go through timings religiously. Due to this genuine good reason you should go only with your tech support firm that delivers through the bare minimum time. Always keeping your reference idle due to a faulty computer system is only going to reduction your income. Thus tech support provider in a roundabout way contributes to the gain making in addition.

However there are various players with this domain to pick from but hardly any of them go with the required service quality. A relative study will assist you to select the service provider that meets your requirement.

As a senior citizen tech support industrial engineer at, Jessica Thomson may be offering on the internet tech support in order to global consumers for the process of laptops, desktop computers, Mac along with devices together with iPods, devices, iPhones and more. Moreover he's an avid blogger of content and information sites that are planned to help Web. His divisions of interests include computer aid, tech support, coming through technologies along with awareness for tech support hoaxes.